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It’s well known that installing a security system in your home lowers your risk of burglary, reduces the cost of your homeowner’s insurance and even boosts the value of your house. However, there are several ways you can use security camera systems beyond home security that make these systems even more valuable. Whether you’re a techie staying up with the latest gear or just interested in getting more bang for your buck, here are five applications for home surveillance systems you may never have thought of.

1. Pet Monitoring

Concerned about your pets when you leave them home alone? With a cutting-edge video monitoring solution, you can stay connected and keep an eye on them wherever you are.

Check on your pet’s activities and monitor behaviour with HD video. With a two-way talk feature in a camera system that has microphones and speakers, you can discipline, soothe or praise your pet from afar.

If you catch something cute or funny your pet does while you’re checking on them, you won’t miss the chance to snap a picture and create a home video by taking a snapshot or recording of the moment.

2. Baby Monitoring

When you need to keep an eye on your baby or toddler from another room, there’s nothing better than security-grade equipment to do the job. With a large viewing screen, you can see your baby up close instead of only listening in.

With features like night vision, HD resolution, zoom-in, camera pan and eight-hour battery life, you get a reliable view of your little one.

You can take advantage of this video quality by snapping a picture or recording a video clip. With cutting-edge motion tracking equipment, your camera can follow your baby around as he or she moves.

3. Elderly Monitoring

With top-of-the-line security technology, you can stay connected with your elderly relatives while they’re at home and make sure they’re safe. With cameras installed in the home, you can see a live view inside the home from your mobile device. You can also get motion-activated notifications sent to your device, and speak with your loved ones with two-way talk.

4. Vacation Property Monitoring

When you’re away from your vacation home for so long, it’s more susceptible to invasion by burglars or squatters. When you’re not there, you can put your worries to rest with a security camera system.

If you’re letting relatives stay at your property while you’re not there, you can check to make sure they made it there safely.

Whenever you want to be virtually transported to your vacation home, you can get there with HD resolution video and make sure everything’s okay, or even see catch a beautiful sunset.

5. Outdoor Home Security

Burglars survey and study homes before they break in. If they see there’s a security camera outside your home monitoring the landscape, criminals are a lot less likely to choose your home for burglary.

Lorex has a wide selection of weatherproof cameras made of aerospace-grade materials with impressive cold climate and humidity tolerance. Some cameras even have colour night vision to pick up on more details at night.

Getting the Most Out of Home Security Technology

With technology on the market today, you can get more out of your home security system than ever before. Advanced security camera systems offer you tons of applications, from checking on your loved ones to picking up on nighttime outdoor activities.