Fun Inspirational Blogs to Read in 2018

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A list of Inspirational blogs you will love. 

Today I thought I’d talk about Blogs. Although I love to write blog posts here on The Inspiration Edit, I can honestly say I don’t read other blogs as much as one might think or assume.

I am usually super busy doing my own work, parenting and being unwell (with my chronic illness) that I simply run out of time to read posts regular.

However there are a handful of bloggers that I do love to follow. They most likely don’t even know it as often I read and don’t comment.

The blogs which I enjoy the most are mainly lifestyle blogs to some extent.

Not all are parents or mothers but they do have something in common and that is that I find them super interesting.

Inspirational Blogs

I love to read about real life and with that said, I will share 5 Bloggers I love that I’d recommend following this year. 

Inspirational Blogs

Katy Kicker.

Katy Stevens has to be my all time favourite blogger. She has no idea. Katy writes a blog with a huge emphasis on finances, budgeting, making money and being frugal.

I genuinely feel like I have a lot in common with Katy and I love to read her tips and tricks and I really enjoy watching her Instagram stories.

She is real like me, will scrimp and save for the things she wants and is genuine.

Her blog is super useful and it’s one I will continue to read in 2018.

Rhian Westbury.

I really love the blog by Rhian Westbury. Rhian is Creative Writing graduate who writes a brilliant lifestyle blog. Rhian shares her travel adventures and the places she go’s.

As someone who is chronically unwell, I love to read about Rhian’s adventures. My favourite posts however are her FIVE Things blog posts which talk about 5 things she did in the week, 5 great things that happened, 5 not so great things that happened and 5 things to do the next week.

I love reading the Five Things posts by Rhian. It’s like a dose of reality TV but reality life via blog and is almost like reading someone’s diary each week. I really enjoy this.

Laura Summers.

Well Laura is a great blogging friend of mine and I enjoy reading her blog posts and catching up on what she has been doing with her family.

I particularly love Laura’s reviews of lovely items which are always so honest and real.

I also love reading Laura’s opinion pieces on issues such as homework for kids and reading about her real life experiences about moving house, losing pets and her recent post on the decision to have her Dog’s tail amputated.

Laura’s posts are so genuine, from the heart and real!

Honest Mum

Vicki Psarias is a brilliant blogger who shares her life, recipes, and much much more over at Honest Mum. I really enjoying reading Vicki’s posts which have themes on loving yourself, growing confidence and knowing your worth.

Vicki’s posts have helped me during times of self doubt and when others have been less kind. Reading her words and advice gives you strength and motivates you to keep going.

Vicki has written a book MumBoss which will be available in May. I am really looking forward to reading her words, tips and advice.

5 Little Doves

5 Little Doves is a blog written by Laura Dove, a blogger who happens to live in the same town as me. Laura writes a family lifestyle blog about raising her rainbow children. She writes about life’s ups and downs.

I enjoy reading her posts on stillbirth, miscarriage and chronic illness which is something I can relate to. I guess I enjoy reading honest heartfelt posts and Laura’s blog is full of these.

I also enjoy Laura’s Instagram Feed and Stories.

Everyday Power

This is a fantastic inspirational blog that inspires you to be your best self. This is a motivational blog with great quotes and inspiring articles. It’s a great one to visit. 

I guess from my list I have come to realise that the type of blogs I enjoy reading are those which are real, honest and truthful about life.

I enjoy reading diary style posts, reading about goals, trials, being motivated, saving money, being frugal and living with adversity. These women are all inspirational in their own way and I recommend reading their blogs.

Who are your favourite bloggers?


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  1. Thanks so much for including me and for your kind words. Yours in one of my favourite blogs too and what brilliant company to be in. Happy New Year Angela, be proud of all you have achieved and will continue to, lots of love x

  2. Hi, I googled something about recommended blogs and this post came up. What a great post! Thank you! I can’t wait to check out these blogs with my coffee break 🙂

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