5 Fun Family Activities This Summer

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The summer holidays can fill parents with a sense of dread – where are you supposed to find enough things to do for six whole weeks?! But with some creative thinking, you can fill up that time and make memories to last a lifetime. If you’re not sure what Summer bucket list activities to do this season then here are five ideas to get you started. 

Family Activities This Summer

Cooking Together

Mealtimes can be stressful at the best of times, but they can also be the perfect opportunity for family fun and bonding.

Creating your own pizzas can be loads of fun. You can get some pre-made pizza bases so that takes some of the pressure off. Simply lay out different toppings so that your little ones (and big ones!) can get creative and design their individual pizza. Once they are cooked you can all enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

Visit a Football Museum

For those with football fans in the family, you could make a trip to a football museum. Whilst you still get to immerse yourself in history, children might find it more interesting as they understand football and can appreciate the exhibits. 

Visiting Anfield is a great day out with the opportunity to see the stadium in all its glory as well. You could surprise your family with football shirts of their favourite players to wear on the day. 

Green-Fingered Crafting

Whether you have a huge back garden or a window box and some pots, gardening activities can be great for getting your family working together. 

You could get some plain plant pots and have your kids decorate one each. Going a step further, they might also like to choose which plant to put in them and help to take care of it. 

If actual gardening isn’t something you enjoy, you could always ask your kids to help make an indoor garden out of crafting items. You could use a cardboard box as a flowerbed and ask them to find things that resemble soil or rocks as well as plants and creatures that may live in their garden. This is a great way to let their imagination run wild and create their own fantasy land. 

Volunteering as a Family

Raising your offspring to be valuable members of society is always in the back of parents’ minds, as is how to teach them about humanity and helping others. Volunteering is a way to give your kids a different perspective and help them recognise the value of being kind.

There are many different ways to volunteer your time from animal shelters to litter picking. Make sure whichever activity you choose that your kids can take part in. You can help them to get involved by setting up a rota. For example, each person chooses a volunteering opportunity to be done for a day or two over the summer. You never know, this could turn into a passion and become a regular thing. 

Road Trip

Road trips can be the foundation of some great memory-making moments. Whether it is a trip to stay a couple of hours away or an epic adventure that last weeks, your kids will remember every moment. 

You can get your children involved in every step – they can help plan the route and accommodation, they can help prepare lists for packing, and they can help pack the car before you leave! Making it a family affair means everyone will feel valued and help create a bonding experience. 

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