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5 Fantastic Ways to Keep Your Kids Active

If you’re concerned about the amount of time your children spend on their gadgets, then you’re not alone. This is because research has shown a link between high gadget use and depression, so naturally, this can be very worrying for parents.

However, reducing tech time and setting limits can be challenging. To help alleviate your worries, here are some fun ways to keep your kids active and away from their tablets and phones.

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Obstacle Course

Creating an obstacle course is a fun way to get your kids active without it feeling like exercise, plus it’ll keep them entertained for hours. Designing a course is easy and can be done in the back garden by creating a circuit from their favourite outdoor toys. This could include slides, tunnels and hula hoops.

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Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt provides kids with exercise while also challenging their minds, making it the perfect activity. Help them learn through play by designing a treasure hunt that involves finding different colours, upper and lower-case letters, numbers and animals. To get you started, you’ll find loads of treasure hunt ideas here.

Scavenger Hunt for KidsScavenger Hunt for Kids

 Fitness Circuit

Just like an obstacle course, a fitness circuit can be a really entertaining activity. It’s good for parents too, as it’s easy to organise – simply set up a series of activities and challenge your kids. Create a course using a skipping rope, hopscotch, star jump challenge and a relay.

Tip: Invite their friends over and create a competition to see who can complete the course the fastest.

Magna Girls 12Magna Girls 12


Family Activities

It’s important to lead by example, so being active with your kids is a great way to inspire them. As such, why not consider trying a new sport or class as a family? This could include going on family bike rides, trying out Skate Hut scooters or roller blades, booking a place on a child-friendly exercise class, or having fun at a trampolining session.

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Gaming Fun

While gathering the family around the games console may seem counterintuitive, there are loads of active games to choose from. Start a family contest using dance games, Zumba, interactive sports games, or even yoga. As well as keeping active, using tech for exercise is also a great way to keep older kids happy.

Just Dance Kids 2014Just Dance Kids 2014

It can be hard to think of new ways to get your kids active, but hopefully these ideas will help you. Try them out, have fun as a family and see which ones your kids enjoy the most.