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Well, this week has been a little crazy. I have been really unwell and struggling to manage my health but at the same time I’ve had some fabulous things happen which I really wanted to share. Sometimes when your feeling unwell with a chronic illness life can get you down and last week I began to feel that way. I even questioned whether I’m doing the right thing speaking out, standing up for what I believe and fighting for better health. I had a moment of doubt and thought maybe I should just accept being sick and be sick but I cannot. I need to keep fighting for better treatment and to keep writing because at the end of the day I love writing- especially about how I feel.

5 things

So, some exciting things have happened and more than 5 but I will keep this post short and just list five.

I got Published on The Mighty Again! 

Well The Mighty is a publication which covers illness, disability and many health related stories. I had been published 4 times so far and haven’t submitted anything since January. So on Monday I decided to write a little something about my illness Adrenal Insufficiency and the things I would do if I was not unwell. I received a wonderful message saying the post was very creative and that it had been published last night. I was really pleased.

You can read my post by clicking here: If I were well for one Week It was a genuine piece on what I’d do if I did not have Adrenal Insufficiency.

Yeah for me. I’m super excited!

We were invited to review Legoland in Manchester next week

Well, Sylvia has been asking for some time to visit Legoland and this week she asked me if we are ever going to go. So I sent out a tweet and lucky for Sylvia we were then invited to visit Lego Land. I was so pleased and Sylvia was jumping up and down in excitement when I told her.

Two appointments were cancelled

Well I had two appointments that were cancelled at the last minute by the hospital. As much as this was annoying, It was a huge relief because we are super busy this week. I have all ready had two appointments this week and today I am travelling to Manchester for a Super Blogging event and then having another huge hospital appointment. I am having a DayCurve test at Royal Salford on Thursday. This means I get a cannula in my arm around 8am until 5pm and my cortisol levels are checked regularly and processed to help work out if I’m on the right medication. I have to come off my medication to prepare for this test and I may get unwell. I will it’s inevitable but I’m glad Im getting this over with.

The good news is with the reduction in appointments I may be able to get through the rest of the week easier.

I reached my Instagram Goal of 2000 followers

I have really struggled with Instagram since I began blogging however recently I have begun to really enjoy it. I have improved my photo quality and worked hard to engage on IG and as a result I just reached my goal of 2000 followers. I think it may drop one or two but this is a huge milestone for me for Instagram. I’m really pleased.

I spent time with Sylvia having fun

Despite feeling really sick in the day and at nights I have managed to spend some quality time with my daughter and watch her having fun with different items we have been sent to review. It has been amazing. Also, we were blessed in that someone passed on a small TV/dvd Player to us and we set it up in Sylvia’s room. Sylvia and I layed on the bed together and watched Hercules and we had a great time. I am really grateful for the tv, it is going to be very useful at times.

So that is 5 fabulous things that has happened. There is just so much more. I have some great reviews coming up, Sylvia is getting School uniforms from Matalan to review and on Friday she is going to Oxygen Freejumping to test out the new free jump park.


I am unwell but I feel so blessed for the blog to be growing from strength to strength. I was trying to get a sponsor for BritMums but I decided to leave it. If it happens it happens and if not well thats less work to worry about. I am looking forward to today’s event- it’s with a company who make Kitchen gadgets. I’m looking forward to getting the cortisol results over and done with on Thursday and am looking forward to seeing Sylvia trampolining on Friday.

This week is crazy and I’m exhausted but I’m also excited about the coming days and weeks. I just have to work hard to balance and pace and keep out of hospital. Fingers crossed.