5 Essential Items You Need in Your Winter Wardrobe

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No winter outfit is complete without at least one of these items 

One of our favorite things about a new season starting is getting to update our wardrobe. 

Winter is a particularly exciting time to change up your wardrobe, as you swap out the rich and warm tones of fall for something cooler. 

Winter is also the season that includes the best parties of the year (Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day), so you need to make space in your wardrobe or a few glamorous pieces of clothing. 

Today, we are going to share with you 5 winter staples that we can’t live without. 

#1 – Knee-High Boots

In the winter, boots aren’t just cute but they’re practical too. 

If you live in a wet or snowy area then you are going to be glad to have a pair of high-quality leather boots in your wardrobe. 

Why are we so keen on knee-high boots? Well, because not only will they keep you warm but they will make your legs look amazing while doing so. Knee-high boots are an effortless way to create the “model-off-duty” look that we all crave. 

You can pair a set of knee-high boots with hundreds of outfits – from jeans and a leather jacket to a sweater dress.  

#2 – A Good Knitted Sweater 

We love sweaters throughout the year, but they truly shine in the winter months. 

As you have probably guessed from reading the rest of this article, we love anything that is going to help us to look good while keeping us warm – and wool sweaters do this perfectly. 

The trick to looking good in a knitted sweater is to find the right fit for your body shape. You may find that bell sleeves bring out your curves, or that a cropped sweater makes your waist look smaller. 

Here is some advice on how to store wool sweaters. Doing this correctly will extend the lifespan of your sweater collection. 

#3 – A Bright Wool Coat 

Carrying on with the wool theme, no winter wardrobe is complete without a bright wool coat. 

Yes, you could settle for a black wool coat, but there is something special about wearing a bright coat on a gloomy day. Not only does it bring a little joy to our day but it brightens up the days of the people around us. 

A wool coat will keep you warm (you know this is important to us) and they last for years. 

If you live in a really damp area then you may have to swap the word wool in this title for the word waterproof. 

#4 – The Perfect Red Lipstick 

No winter party look is complete without the perfect shade of red on your lips. So, we must include it in our list of winter essentials. 

Trust us, once you have found the right shade your confidence will be so high that you will never want to wash it off. 

A red lip is the easiest way to make a statement while still looking glamorous. 

How a shade of red looks on you will vary depending on the color of your skin, the undertone of your skin, and the color of your eyes. Odds are, there is more than one perfect shade out there for you. 

#5 – A Neutral Scarf 

Our final winter wardrobe essential is a neutral scarf. Why neutral? Because you are going to want a scarf that can work with any outfit that you put together this winter. 

We love white scarves but they can be a little bit difficult to keep clean. So, we also recommend trying a black scarf or a tan brown scarf. These two colors work really well with most other color palettes. 

The type of material your scarf should be made out of will depend on where you live and what the weather is like there. You do not want a cashmere scarf to shrink because you got caught in the rain. 

There are 5 of our favorite winter pieces. Some of the items that we have to leave off this list for the sake of brevity include gloves, sunglasses, puffer jackets, and glittery, gold eyeshadows. 

As you are putting together your winter wardrobe, make sure that you are picking out pieces that you can use year after year. This is better for your wallet and the planet. Try to look for high-quality items that are more timeless than they are trendy, pieces that you will want to wear for the next decade. 

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