5 Camping Activities for the Entire Family

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For many families, camping is the ideal way to spend quality time together. But when you have little ones or even teenagers, they might not want to relax by the fire and swap family stories. Luckily, there are many ways to ensure the whole family can enjoy the outdoor excursion.

A great way to create a memorable trip is by incorporating family camping games and activities for everyone. Here are our top five:

1. Karaoke Around the Fire 

Singing around the fire is an enjoyable way to bond with the family. Unless you have a guitar player in the family, consider a portable karaoke system to get the party started!

Let everyone have a turn choosing a song. Karaoke in the wild is a great way to see what type of music and artists your children are into and let them shine with confidence. Plus, taking turns ensures everyone’s singing music they enjoy. 

Ensure your karaoke system has a full charge to keep the fun going. Consider one of these portable power stations Australia offers to keep it going strong. A power station also offers an easy way to charge smartphones, cameras, small appliances, and more!

2. Cornhole 

Everyone knows how to play cornhole, and if you don’t, it’s an easy game to learn. 

To start, you’ll need 2-4 players, a set of cornhole boards, and bean bags. Then follow these five simple instructions: 

  1. Place the cornhole boards anywhere from 20-27 feet apart. The exact distance is 27 feet, but you can place them closer if you play with kids. The boards should be facing each other.
  2. Create two teams.
  3. Each team will take turns tossing the bean bags into the holes in the board. If a bean bag goes into the hole, it counts as three points. If it lands on the board, it’s worth one point.
  4. Tally the points in each round, then count the difference toward the team with the higher number. For instance, if you score eight points, but your opponent scores five points, you get three points.
  5. The first team to 21 points wins!

3. Water Balloons 

An exciting water balloon game is a great way to cool off. You can play several games, but we like the old-fashioned water balloon fight. You can play this dodgeball style where you split into two teams, or it can be everyone for themselves! 

4. Tug-Of-War

A classic game of tug-of-war will never go out of style. To play, you’ll need a long rope, a flag, and a way to divide the playing area. 

Start by dividing the area into two sections (draw two lines opposing each other). Then, find the center of the rope and tie the flag. If you don’t have a flag, some ribbon will do. Place the center of the rope in between both lines. Create two teams, and let the fun begin! 

The objective is to get the flag onto your side of the dividing line. The team that does so first wins.

5. Card Games 

A deck of cards is a must-have on any camping trip. Popular family card games to play include: 

  • Uno
  • Speed
  • Go Fish
  • Blackjack
  • Crazy Eights

Final Thoughts

Make the most of your family camping trip with these activities. Whether singing karaoke or playing card games, you’re sure to have a memorable time!

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