4 Wonderful Reasons to Take Your Kids to EPCOT at Disney World

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Some will urge you to avoid Disney World’s EPCOT park if you want the kids to have a good time and not get bored. And, considering the park’s futuristic and educational spirit, it’s easy to see why. 

After all, kids are not often impressed by exquisite international cuisine, travel ideas, wine tastings, or movies that are not about their favorite heroes. But EPCOT has a lot more to offer, and kids of all ages can enjoy the experience with you.

If you’re still in doubt, here are four reasons why it makes sense to take the kids to EPCOT when visiting Disney World.

EPCOT Has Some Unique Theme Park Rides

When you take the kids to Disney World, you want to make sure they have fun while trying to stay within the budget. Every parent knows things can easily get out of hand with so many cool toys and characters around!

That’s why the focus is on what the kids want when it comes to rides and events. But there’s an additional option, where you can do something both kids and adults enjoy and appreciate. For instance, on the list of magical attractions at EPCOT, there is a series of rides that are educational and exciting.

These rides ignite a kid’s natural sense of curiosity and help them learn new things by turning lessons into fun adventures. Plus, what kid would say no to space explorations or a ride in the land of Frozen? 

The Imagination Pavilion

Kids know how to use their imagination a lot better than grownups, which is why the Imagination Pavilion will be a thrilling experience for both age categories.

You’ll both enjoy the “dark ride” experience where you take a stroll into your own imagination and senses. Truth be told, some adults may not find it too exciting, but the ride is a hit with small children. On the other hand, if you feel stuck and lacking inspiration in daily life, this may be a great experience. 

You can continue the journey into the world of “What If” and enjoy some interesting Pixar-produced 3D movies with in-theater effects. 

Epcot’s Restaurants Are Amazing

Yes, this is the part most adults enjoy, but this doesn’t mean the young members of your family will feel left out. All Disney World restaurants are known for their attention to detail and quality, whether for a high-end international dining experience or character meals.

Plus, there is something for every budget and palate, which includes quick-service eateries, table-service restaurants, or stands. The great thing is that you can find culinary options from around the world. You can introduce the kids to authentic Italian pizza, German pretzels, or real Mexican tacos! There are plenty of delicious Disney snacks to choose from.

Just make sure to remember to make reservations for table-service establishments since all restaurants are incredibly busy. It’s best to make the reservations before you leave home, to get the table you want at the restaurant of your choice. 

Events, Shows, and Nighttime Spectacular

The EPCOT experience is not just about cool rides and good food. It’s also a great way to catch world-famous shows, enjoy art or music events, and see their nighttime spectacular (called Harmonious) to end the day on a perfect note. 

You’ll appreciate the cultural aspect behind all these things, and the kids will enjoy the atmosphere and the shows that often follow. Overall, EPCOT has just as much magic as the other Disney World parks!

Wrap Up

EPCOT has cool rides, educational adventures, shows and events, good food, and more for all ages. So don’t be afraid to let the kids enjoy the full Disney World experience – they won’t get bored in any of the parks! 

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