4 Ways to Get the Drop on Christmas Tree Needles

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Decorating at Christmas means one thing – a tree! It wouldn’t be the festive period with a real piece of pine adorning the living room, especially as it adds everything from smells and texture that a fake tree can’t replicate. However, it’s easy to see why so many people prefer faux ones. The needles are incessant and make it feel as if you have to clean 24-hours a day, which goes against Christmas holiday etiquette! If only there were ways to get the drop on tree needles. That way, you could have your Xmas cake and eat it too!

Here are four tips to keep in mind this yuletide.

Buy the Freshest Tree

Although it’s almost tradition for the needles to collect in a pile on the floor, it’s a sign that the plant is thirsty and needs something to drink. There’s more on how to give it a sip of water later, but let’s focus on the buying process for now. Picking a fresh tree means it will retain more water in its trunk, which should cut the mess out by a significant margin. Therefore, it’s essential to take a pine needle in your hand and bend it. Old leaves snap, so you can avoid any that have no give.

Put It in Water

If this sounds weird, it’s because most people don’t bother submerging a pine or fir tree in water. Instead, you stick it on a stand and start decorating the branches. Sadly, it’s a mistake as Christmas trees need plenty of water, like all plants and flowers. So, the trick is to put it in a bucket that’s big and stable enough to fit the trunk. That way, you can make a fresh cut to ensure the stem can absorb enough H2O to keep the leaves from drying out and dying.

Surround It With a Rug

Part of the problem with firs and pines is that the offcuts don’t only land on the floor – they make their way all around the house. Before you know it, the entire downstairs is covered in needles, and the maintenance job is bigger than ever. The good news is, a strategic rug can help matters. Positioning an 8×10 rug around the base of the tree should catch the needles that inevitably drop to the floor. But, the thicker material will trap it and reduce the clutter. Then, all you have to do is hoover the rug and marvel at how much homelier your living room looks with a mat!

Take It Down Properly

Finally, it’s all about taking the tree down and removing it properly. All too often, homeowners thrash around in a bid to clean up quickly, causing more mess. What you should do is buy a disposable tree bag and place a drop cloth underneath the base. By putting the tree in the bag, you can dispose of it without causing damage. And, the cloth will collect all the needles, so all you need to do is throw it in the bin.


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  1. If a two-metre tree is recycled, rather than ending up in landfill, it will reduce your carbon footprint by 80%.

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