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4 Ways To Keep The Home Safe From Burglars


Everyone is different when it comes to household safety. When I was younger and lived in New Zealand, I had a more relaxed approach. The door was often unlocked and I’d pop out and come back without worrying too much about the safety of the home.

Over the years things have changed. Crime has increased and upon returning to the UK, I knew leaving the home unlocked was NOT an option. I made sure my home was safe, always locking windows and doing my best to keep the family home safe. However I did not consider that someone might just walk whilst I was home.


Yet that’s what happened. I was sitting in the lounge when someone walked into the kitchen from the backs and stole several of my belongings. I was really upset. After that I always kept the chain on the door whenever I was home.

Recently in our new home here in Lancashire, we had a little scare. I woke up at 2am hearing a noise. My husband did not hear it but went to have a look anyway. He did not see anyone. We then heard the noise again and knew that someone was certainly trying to enter our home. We turned on the lights and whoever it was quickly disappeared.

The next day we found markings next to our door. Their was white spray paint really lightly sprayed next to the door. We had been marked as targets either to be burgled or have our dogs stolen. Were not sure which. Luckily my husband had read in the Daily Mirror about these markings and we were able to call the Police to let them know what was going on.

Here are some of the symbols used by burglars to mark a property several years ago. The image was shared by Lanarkshire Police Division on Facebook.

signs and symbols for burglars

So our home was marked and we spent the next few weeks doing all we could to protect the home and make sure we stayed safe. Having gone through this experience I was able to do some research to find ways to keep the home safe, in particular when your on holiday.

I love to go and visit family and friends and if we leave the house empty for a few days we want to make sure the home will be safe.

So here are Five tips to keep the home safe while on holiday. 5 very important tips.


One: Protect Your valuables.

When going away, it’s not a good idea to leave valuables lying around in front of a window. Avoid, hiding things in obvious places and maybe try to think outside the box. Burglars often know the tricks and are looking for things of value that they can grab quickly and leave. If you have to leave valuables at home then try spreading the items out in different rooms and places. Even better leave some low value items in an obvious place to deter potential thieves from real items of value.

Two: Don’t announce your on holiday.

Well it’s not always as easy to keep a holiday quiet but you could keep a holiday quiet from social media, Instagram or Facebook. You could only tell those that need to know and share your holiday photos upon your return. If you must share, you can make your social media privacy settings very private so only the those you trust know your away.

Three: Make Sure you have good locks

My grandparents recently purchased a new front door. When choosing the style and design they actively looked for a high security door to deter and prevent burglars. Contemporary composite doors can really help keep a home secure. You can also look at getting window locks to help double the security. Good quality locks on doors and windows can really put off an opportunist and send them elsewhere.

Four: Don’t leave the house looking empty

If you leave the home looking empty, there is more chance someone will use the opportunity to break in. It’s best to keep the curtains open so it is not blatantly obvious no one is home. You could install a light that is on a timer, ask neighbours to pop by and cancel any deliveries which might make it obvious your not home. Asking a friend to keep an eye on your property can give you more peace of mind whist away and last but not least, don’t forget house insurance.

I hope these tips are useful and help you keep your home protected next time you go on a trip.

Angela x

*This is a collaborative post

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