4 Uses of Mineral Spirits Around the House

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When people think of mineral spirits, they often think about paint thinning and DIY projects done by handymen. However, mineral spirits can be used in a variety of ways around any home other than simply for painting walls or furniture. Here are some interesting ways you can use the petroleum-based mineral spirits around your home and make the most of these handy products.

Cleaning Floor Marks

One of the best uses of mineral spirits around your home is for cleaning marks on your floor. If you have a stain on your floor, especially if you have wooden floors that are easy to change color over time, then wiping these floors with some mineral spirits can be the best thing you do. You will need to make sure you dilute the liquid before using it on your floors so that it is not too harsh on the wood that ends up making stains while cleaning the other stains.

Degreasing Machine Parts

When you use particular machines for a certain period, it is normal for them to accumulate grease as they age and get used more heavily. It is always a good idea to degrease these machine parts where you can easily buy odorless mineral spirits to help you restore any greasy machine parts back to their former glory. Make sure you leave the machine parts you clean out in the air for a while before putting them back together so that you can ensure they are completely dry and functional.

Removing Sticky Residuals

Everyone hates it when they try to remove a sticker or a sticky label from any surface and it ends up leaving sticky residuals that can be almost impossible to remove. Luckily, using mineral spirits, you will not have to struggle with sticky residuals any longer as a simple wipe of mineral spirits with a cloth can immediately remove any sticky residuals you have on any surface. You can experiment with the dilution of the mineral spirits depending on how sticky the surface is to ensure it is completely clean after wiping.

Lusting Furniture

Wooden furniture likely loses its shine and lustiness over a long period of usage. Bringing back that shine and fresh look on your furniture can be really hard using many store-bought products that may be ineffective.  However, by using mineral spirits, you can wipe over your furniture and bring them back their lusty look and make them as good as new in no time.

Mineral spirits are considered multipurpose liquids that can be quite beneficial in any household. Not only are mineral spirits known for their excellent benefits when used as paint-thinners, but they can also be used for various cleaning purposes, especially in removing hard-stains and grease buildup. Before using mineral spirits, you will need to make sure you are diluting them rationally so that you do not end up harming the surfaces you are trying to clean or degrease. Remember to wear gloves and wash your hands thoroughly after using mineral spirits so that your skin stays healthy.

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