4 Long-Distance Lockdown Relationship Tips

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Lockdown has been hard on everybody, but it’s been especially hard on the people who can’t see their loved ones. At least you have family and friends by your side. However, your significant other is hundreds or thousands of miles away, and you don’t know when you will see each other again.


At a time like this, understanding the fine details of a long-distance relationship is essential. When you know what you can and can’t do, and what you should and shouldn’t do, it makes it easier to survive. So, here are four long-distance lockdown tips to help you through the winter!

Speak Regularly

Long-distance is challenging because it eliminates the intimacy you experience when you’re around your partner. To negate that, you should speak regularly because communication is integral to bridging the gap. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder, a cliche that’s backed up by science. Adults in long-distance relationships might interact less, yet they use more forms of media, from text messages to phone and video calls. By mixing up your devices, you can remain in touch without losing any of the intimacy you require to stay motivated.

But Don’t Get Into a Rut

Living apart leads to different lives. Therefore, you must figure out a routine to avoid getting in the way of their independence. However, calling at the same time each night will get boring, and the monotony will reflect in your relationship. Suddenly, you might lose interest, causing the bond to be broken. Using novel techniques to show you care is essential as it adds mystery and novelty. For example, love letters aren’t the only retro, but they are full of character and personality. Going the extra mile is a sign that you’re in the relationship for the long haul.

Make It Permanent

Are you engaged? Are you married? In these instances, long-distance is more challenging since you are one-hundred-percent committed. On the flip side, you have additional legal schemes you can lean on since your marital status is official. A UK spouse visa lets foreign nationals travel and live in Britain because they are linked to you. Once they are here, you can form a bubble and live together happily ever after. There is a fiance visa, too, so you don’t have to be technically married to make use of this strategy.

Plan Your Next Adventure

Not being able to travel is a killer as your freedom of movement is integral to your relationship. The good news is, it won’t be this way forever. While restrictions might not be eased until the summer, it’s only a couple of months away. Airlines are already reporting massive surges in bookings, which is a positive sign. With that in mind, you should plan your next trip. Talk about where you want to go and why. Is it somewhere remote, somewhere romantic? For how long? Getting the ball rolling will increase your anticipation levels and give you the strength to deal with long-distance for the next few months.

Are you living apart from your SO? How do you cope with the uncertainty?


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