4 Kids Scooter Safety Accessories You Can’t Ignore Buying

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Kids Electric Scooters have been increasingly becoming popular among kids in the recent past. The reason is simple. They do not only offer a fun way to swirl around but are also budget-friendly and easy to operate. 

Whether your child is just starting or has already mastered the beginner level, you can’t afford to be complacent when it comes to their safety. So, here’s a set of accessories that your kid must be equipped with when riding an e scooter.


After buying an e-scooter, a helmet is important to get your hands on. It is expected of your kid to put it on before even stepping on the bike. A helmet can indeed be a life-saver during a nasty crash.

Not all the helmets available in the market can be the right fit for your kid. A lot of them merely play gimmicks in the names of safety. Also, while choosing a helmet, don’t just go for the cheapest one.

If your child will be riding their electric scooter at a speed of less than 20 km/h, a standard, lightweight, and small helmet should work. But if they’ll be going any faster, you must go for a sturdier helmet. Getting a downhill helmet is also a good idea for thrill-seekers.


A bell is necessary to let the pedestrians and the bikers know when your kid is nearing them. It’s possible that your kid’s scooter would already be equipped with this accessory. But if not, then you can easily get it affixed by reaching out to a mechanic.  

There are various types of bells available out there. You can choose from modern bells to electric horns based on how it sounds. Don’t forget to keep the diameter of the handlebar in mind before buying a bell for your child’s e scooter. Also, you want the bell to be loud but not startling. 

Eye Protection 

If you have already got a full-face helmet, there is no need for an eye-protection accessory. But if the helmet is a round-head protector, then your kid would need glasses. Sunlight, bugs, rain, and tiny dust particles might create visibility issues, so getting an eye protection accessory is never a bad thing.

If rain is a more significant issue for your child while riding, get a pair of glasses with a hydrophobic coating. The frame size should fit your child’s face perfectly because loose glasses might fly away, and too tight ones may not be comfortable enough.

Scooter Lock

Once your kids become comfortable with their electric scooter, they will start running some reasonable errands using the scooter. However, it’s crucial to ensure that their scooter stands safe wherever they park it. You need to get a good quality scooter lock for kids scooters to achieve that. 

Here are are the two types of locks that you can consider: 

Cable Locks

These are the most commonly used locks that are light in weight and flexible enough to be adjusted at different angles. These are good for use in low-risk situations or when your child leaves their scooter unattended for only a few minutes. 

Chain Locks 

Chain locks are more secure than cable locks since they possess a hard metal binding, making them difficult to be cut. They are also more resistant to angle grinding since they are challenging to fixate on in most scenarios. 

Final Take 

These top four kids’ scooter accessories are sure to make their scooting game safe and even adventurous. There can be several secondary accessories that you can think about too. Like, a phone holder, an article of reflective clothing, and a sealant. But it’s the primary safety accessories that you should consider before all others. 

Stay safe! 

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