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Over the years, your home will inevitably evolve, changing its shape and purpose to suit the unique needs of your family.

Growing children will herald many of these changes, as they move away from building blocks toward the allure of Minecraft, or from board books to meaningful novels.

Create a home that caters to older children’s needs with these fresh updates.

Adding a Bedroom For Home Improvements

Sharing a room with siblings may be fine for younger children, but close quarters can start to put a strain on relationships as the kids get older. If you’re up for a major home renovation project, adding a new bedroom can make a notable difference to the family dynamic.

If you have extra space on your lot, you might simply build on to the existing home and create a custom space. Another option is to repurpose an existing part of your home.

Perhaps you can portion off a corner of the basement, finish your attic, or convert a bonus room into a new sleeping space to give growing kids rooms of their own.


Converting the Playroom to a Game Room

When your children were smaller, extra space in your home probably served as a gathering spot for toys. Perhaps you set up a craft corner, play kitchen, or train table. As your children outgrow these delights, you’ll find it’s time to reconsider your use of this area.

Upgrade the space to a  lounge that they’ll love. Add adult-size seating, creating cozy spaces for their teenage hobbies.

This might include a home improvements entertainment center with a video game system, an easel with professional art supplies, musical instruments, board games, or a reading corner.

If space accommodates, equip the room with a snack center and mini fridge, and the kids may never re-emerge. Maybe hire a plumber to add a sink and bar space for preparing drinks and snacks. 

Upgrading the Water Heater

This task is easy to overlook, but you’ll notice the difference as soon as you invest in an upgrade.

Installing a larger, more efficient water heater will put an end to those arguments about who’s using up all the hot water as your teens are cycling through the bathroom to get ready in the morning.

An upgrade like a hybrid water heater will also deliver the added benefit of lower utility bills. 

Creating a Study Space

As playtime gives way to college prep, you may find your home needs a dedicated study spot. Upgrade your home with a fresh area devoted exclusively to this purpose.

Find a quiet corner and install all the essentials for an efficient workspace. This includes a comfortable chair, spacious work area, and efficient task lighting.

If you can’t find the right spot in your home, consider converting a hall closet to a mini office or opening up space for a built-in desk under the stairs. Get creative for a charming and effective update.

With the right home upgrades, you can keep your home fresh, organised, and on-task for everything that your growing family needs. Adjust often to make sure your living space is delivering exactly what you need.