4 Fun Rainy Day Activities to Do With Your Kids

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When you have children, thinking of ways to keep them entertained isn’t always easy. It’s even harder if it’s pouring with rain outside or the weather is so bad that you can’t go out. To make things a little easier, we have put together a list of activities that will help to pass the time and keep your kids occupied. Here are 4 fun rainy day activities to do with your kids.

Make slime

Making slime is a fun activity that the whole family can get involved with, but be warned – it can be messy, so wearing old clothing and having some form of protection on your flooring is a wise move!

There are lots of ways to make slime, but one of the easiest is to buy PVA glue and ready-made slime activator, which is readily available online and in stores. By adding food coloring, you can make slime in loads of different colors, and if you want to add some sparkle, you can add glitter too! Kids adore it, so it’s sure to bring lots of smiles to their faces on a rainy day.

making ocean slime

Teach them how to knit

Knitting has been around for centuries and is a hobby that is enjoyed by both children and adults. It can be a bit of a learning curve, but once your child gets the hang of it, there will be no stopping them. Not only do kids find knitting fun, but they also love the idea of making their own things.

All you need is a pair of knitting needles and some yarn. Yarn can be purchased in most craft stores, or if you prefer to buy online, businesses like Stewart Yarns sell quality products in a host of different colors and weights. If you are struggling to teach your child how to knit, there are loads of step by step guides on YouTube which should help you.   

Indoor scavenger hunt

Just like the outside version, an indoor scavenger hunt is sure to bring lots of laughter and excitement to children of all ages. Make a list of things they each need to find, set a timer, and let them loose. The longer the list, the more time it’s likely to take them to find everything, so if you fancy a bit of peace and quiet, add as many things as you can think of. 

If you have several kids, ask them to work in teams to find the items from their list. It’s a great way to teach them how to work together and also promotes good communication.

Have a movie afternoon

If you’ve had a busy morning and are keen to have more of a tranquil afternoon at home, why not have a movie afternoon? Make some popcorn and some healthy kid-friendly snacks and settle down to watch a good movie together. Spending quality time together can be peaceful and relaxing too and will give you all time to recuperate and wind down.

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