4 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Move

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4 Ways to Simplify Your Move: Top tips to get you moving easier.

Moving from one home to a new one should not be complicated. Yes, this is about dealing with so many things. But that does not mean you have to let the situation get out of your hand. All you need is to get organized and plan to make things simple.

You can work with professional movers to help with your stuff and vehicles. Check online about moving companies and car transport quotes to get an idea of how much this could cost you.

There are a lot of variables to this, such as where you are and your destination. Get multiple quotes to compare prices and find the best one.

4 Ways to Simplify Your Move

Get Rid of Things to Simplify Your Move

Sometimes, you always end up with a lot of things even if you do not mean it. It could be old electronics, broken furniture, or clothes you never wear anymore. Whatever the case may be, this is an opportunity to declutter. Leave what you no longer need and start fresh.

Take the time to look at each of your things and furniture. While looking at each one, ask yourself if you really need that. Does it have a place in your new home? Is there value in keeping that item? If you answer no, it is time to dispose of it.

Keep the trash bag away first, though. There are other methods of disposing of unwanted items other than throwing them away. And the best method is to sell the things you do not want anymore.

You’ll find several online platforms to facilitate selling your old things—Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and other websites should easily come to mind. You can also go old-school via a garage sale.

For the things you cannot sell, you could try to give them away to your family or friends. A kid’s stroller or crib can be a useful gift for a friend who is expecting a baby. It lets you get rid of things while helping someone else. 

If you have things that you think can be useful in the future, you could consider renting storage space. This will surely simplify your move.

Think About Your Packing

The next step is to pack your things for the journey to your new home. Whether moving across the street or a new state on the other side of the country, packing plays a big role in keeping things simple.

A popular approach to simplify your move is to pack your things by room. That way, everything can be kept organized. Start with your living room, then move on to the kitchen, the bathroom, and your bedroom. 

The advantage of this method is it makes unpacking easier as well. Once you get to your new home, you can bring each box into their respective rooms and unpack one at a time.

An important aspect of packing is to label things properly. You can level up your game and go with color-coded boxes to identify where each of them should be placed.

Protecting Your Valuables

Even if you are working with professional movers, you still never know what can happen on the road. That is why you should do what you can to protect your things.

When you pack your things, use the right-sized boxes. If there is too much extra space in a box, the items can move around and get damaged. Keep things snug.

Think about how to protect your furniture. You can use padding and bubble wrap to avoid scratches and damage during the move. Also, pay attention to how you use packaging tape. The last thing you want is paint coming off when you peel the tape.

One of the most common packing tips is to use your towels and linens for your valuable items. They add a layer of soft protection, and you get to save money on bubble wrap.

Not only should you protect your things, but also yourself and everyone else helping you move. Pack things in smaller boxes so they do not get too heavy. Distribute the weight as much as you can to avoid breaking your or anyone else’s back.

Stay Organized

Probably the most important tip to simplify your move is to stay organized. Each person has a different way of doing this. You can use a notebook to create a timeline of things and a list of tasks. Another idea is to use a smartphone app to keep track of everything.

Whatever the approach is, what is important is you have a way to keep things organized and planned. That way, you do not forget anything. It also allows you to take things one step at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed.

While you cannot avoid getting stressed about moving, you can still simplify the process. Make a plan, get organized, and work with professionals so that things can go smoother. Do it right and you may even enjoy moving.

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