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4 Best Decor Ideas for a Kid’s Room

If you are designing your kid’s bedroom and are looking for inspiration, we have you sorted. No matter what the size of your kid’s room is or the budget that you have. You can use these ideas to create an amazing space for your child. Without worrying about any restraints and can make them work for a kid of any age. As opposed to the general idea of bombarding a kid’s room with bright colours and patterns, a little creativity and some great tips can help you create a space that your kid will really love.

1. Use Vibrant Furniture and Accessories

Rather than painting the whole room bright blue, you can keep the paint neutral and make the room colorful with using vibrant furniture and accessories. A bright bed frame, a statement couch, a few colourful paintings or posters of your kid’s favourite characters and a few colourful decoration pieces can do the trick for you. You can even use bright coloured replacement windows installation in Winnipeg to brighten up the room.

2. Make use of Different Shapes

The use of different shapes like triangles or circles make things more interesting. Get a round bed for a change and use triangle shaped stickers on the walls to add character to rather plain painted walls. Use lamps or study table lights of a geometric shape rather than the typical lamps. Check replacement windows pricing in Ottawa and choose something like a hexagonal shaped window for your kid’s room to give it an edgier look as opposed to the typical rectangles.

3. Use Multipurpose Furniture

When you buy furniture for your kid’s room, it is always a great idea to get furniture that can be used in multiple ways. Like a bunk bed with a bed at the top and a study desk at the lower level. It will not only save space but make it a fun place for your child. You can even get a bed with storage space underneath it. It will provide great space saving and you can store away stuff that you don’t want out in the open like old toys or yearbooks.

4. Use Statement Shelves

Another great way to decorate your kid’s room is to use statement shelves rather than plain old wooden plank shelves. These shelves not only add character to the room but provide the perfect home for books, trophies or any action figures that your kid loves. You can view replacement windows installation in Winnipeg and build a book shelve around it to create a perfect reading spot. Choose shelves that are movable too so that you can play around with different ideas of placing the shelves around the room or change the placements as your kid’s requirement changes.

You can make it a team effort and involve your kid in the process. Take their input or make art with them that you can later frame and proudly display in your kid’s room.

*This is a collaborative post.