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Keeping young kids and older ones entertained is no easy task. Their young minds are going at 100 miles an hour at all times. For the smaller kids, they enjoy practical things they can do with their hands, often with their mom joining in or supervising them. For older children, they prefer more autonomy, so they can play along, solve problems and enjoy success.

Here are three ideas to keep the kids entertained.

Edible Plasticine That You Make at Home

Creating edible plasticine is something that preteens can participate in and help here where it’s safe to do so. There are a few supplies needed to create these colourful figures. These include:

  • Food colouring (find some natural ones if you can)
  • Butter
  • Vanilla extract (only ¼ teaspoonful)
  • Several cups of sugar (powdered variety)
  • Thick cream (a tablespoon is enough)

Use a food processor to mix up the cream and butter to a good consistency. Gradually mix in the powdered sugar while stirring the mixture to allow it to blend in evenly. With the addition of the sugar, it becomes more like a dough and is pliable enough to shape. Then add the vanilla extract at the very end.

Work with the dough to knead it and then shower it with more powdered sugar. Now cut the dough into several sections ready to make some shapes. It’s your choice at this stage whether to add the food colouring or not.

Now your kid(s) can join in. Let them use a rolling pin to flatten out a chunk of dough. They can decide what shapes or figures to create using their hands or use a set of see-thru cooking shapes for kids. They enjoy their little creations for dessert.

Painting an Umbrella

For older kids that enjoy painting but are not yet ready for complicated landscapes, try something simpler. One idea is to get their kid-sized umbrella and paint it. A skyline or night sky complete with twinkling stars are great ideas for either side of the umbrella.

Try to look for paint that doesn’t come off when the umbrella gets damp. While acrylic paint is fairly good, it can smudge when wet. Using textile paint is another idea. You’ll need a weatherproofing spray to protect the paint from moisture as the paint itself won’t be protected. Ultimately, the umbrella might be one to hang from their kid’s bedroom ceiling and not for use outdoors to avoid paint smudges.

Adventure with Mystery

For children who are over 10, this escape room Atlanta holds a lot of promise. They have several different mysteries that kids and adults can participate in.

There’s a scary mystery house where clues and puzzles must be solved to find the right answers to escape the house in time. Breakout Games is another option. A one-hour mystery to find clues, figure out codes, and unravel the mystery is the point of this game. Both games have a timed element to increase the level of suspense.

Choose the right activity based on your kids’ interests and age, then dive right in. Keeping their minds busy and active while they learn new skills at the same time is key here.