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3 Skills You Could Gain By Volunteering


3 Skills You Could Gain By Volunteering

As a young teenager I volunteered in a number of roles. My favourite role was teaching cooking to the intellectually disabled. I loved being a volunteer and this was an experience I look back on with fond memories.


When it comes to volunteer work, there are a host of fulfilling and worthwhile opportunities  you could choose from. Help is always needed and there are a wealth of areas you can lend your time to. If you are able to give up just a small fraction of your time to help someone else, it’s definitely worth considering doing so. The satisfaction from helping others can be really rewarding.

Of course, there are many ways to do your bit for a worthwhile cause. For example, you could make an online monetary contribution to a charity organisation such as or you could donate your unwanted belongings to your local charity shop. Sylvia and I love to take unwanted items to charity. It gives her a real buzz knowing that she is recycling and helping others at the same time.

Taking part in a charity volunteer event is also an effective way to help others and it often gives you the opportunity to develop and improve yourself. In fact, voluntary work can help you build a whole new skill set which can be highly advantageous when it comes to your professional life. So, if you’re keen to learn how volunteering can help you, keep reading.

 The Ability To Communicate Well

Regardless of the volunteer project you choose to take part in, you will find that your communication skills will be in high demand. Whether you’re giving up your time to work with children or adults, you’ll need to be able to converse with others clearly. This is especially important if your volunteer efforts mean you travel abroad to a different country and you have to deal with people who use a different language. The ability to communicate well is something that just about every employer looks for in their staff, so volunteering could really help you brush up on this particular skill.

Being Able To Work As Part Of A Team

During your time spent volunteering, it’s more than likely that you’ll be expected to join forces with other people, giving you the opportunity to gain valuable team building skills. Being able to work in collaboration with others as a team is a key attribute that can prove especially useful in future career endeavours. Many employers look for candidates who are able to work effectively with others, so having teamwork experience as a skill on your CV is bound to impress.

What’s more, volunteering allows you to work with a whole spectrum of individuals, forge new relationships and interact with people you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

A Strong Sense Of Leadership

As part of your volunteer work, you can develop a strong sense of leadership. Taking control in this way can give you a massive confidence boost. Leadership skills are highly sought after in employment and having the ability to stand up and make your voice heard can be extremely favourable to employers.

Whether you support a local charity, donate to a genuine humanitarian cause or actively get involved in volunteer work, your bound to gain many qualities through your experiences. These in turn can help you grow and develop your personal skill. Why not give it go, volunteering may just be the perfect thing for you.

Angela x

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  1. I have volunteered for over four years in total. It really is an amazing experience – gaining friends and skills along the way. Definitely recommend it for school leavers or anyone who wants a career change.

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