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3 Simple Ways To Fit More Storage Into Your Home


3 Simple Ways To Fit More Storage Into Your Home

Storage in a busy family home can often be in short supply. Even if you try to cut down on the things you buy and keep, you might still struggle to squeeze all of your possessions into your property. Luckily, there are some useful storage hacks you can follow to help ensure you have a place for all your items, from your kids’ toys to your kitchen essentials.


Get customised shelving for awkward spaces

Standard shelving units certainly have their uses, but when it comes to filling those awkward spaces that so often go unused in homes, it’s time to turn to customised designs. It’s now straightforward to order bespoke units that can sit snugly anywhere from the area under your stairs to your attic. For example, the specialist website guides you through the process of creating a modular storage system that can accommodate your needs in terms of size and layout. Whether you’re after a graduated design to go under a sloping ceiling or you need a narrow unit to fit in between other furnishings, creating and ordering suitable shelves can be quick and easy.

In areas such as your lounge, bedroom or hallway, you might want to go all out and create a library wall that stretches from floor to ceiling. These features can give you lots of extra storage and they make a style statement too. Don’t worry about not being able to access the top shelves. A library ladder or simple step ladder will help you reach these areas with ease. As well as books, shelves can be a great place to store anything from DVDs and CDs to toys and shoes. Large units can also accommodate storage boxes. So, it pays to be savvy when you’re planning your shelving.

 Select furnishings with hidden storage

Another effective way to pack more storage into your property is to invest in dual-purpose furnishings that double up as extra space for your home essentials. For example, replacing your current bed with a model that springs up on a hinge to reveal storage room below could give you a convenient place to house clothing, bedding, towels and so on. Other good examples include storage ottomans that double us as chairs or benches and coffee tables featuring either lids or drawers. These savvy solutions don’t take up any extra space and they can prove invaluable in a family home.


Look for creative solutions in your kitchen

From food to crockery and cooking equipment, kitchens have to accommodate a lot of stuff, so it’s especially important to be creative with your storage solutions here. Fortunately, there are various ways to maximise the amount of space available. For example, using full-height cabinets can help, and you might benefit from installing carousel corner units and squeezing pull-out pantries into narrow gaps.


You can also use wall fixings to keep anything from knives to spices and mugs off your surfaces and to free up cabinet and drawer space, and why not consider installing an additional shelf under your upper cabinets? This can give you extra room for plates, bowls, glasses and a host of other kitchen items.

If you have the space for it, you may want to incorporate an island unit too. These additions provide you with more storage and, as an added bonus, they give you more surface space when you’re cooking.

No matter how much storage you manage to fit into your home, it’s always important to have regular clear outs. By getting rid of the things you don’t really need and passing them onto friends or family, or giving them to charity shops, you should find it easier to keep control of any clutter.

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