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3 Family Safety Tips When You’re In An Accident

3 Family Safety Tips When You’re In An Accident

My husband is very safety conscious when it comes to travelling in the car. Sometimes I wish he would hurry when he does all the checks and takes his time to prepare however having experienced a car accident in the past I know this is so important.

With 35% of Americans planning to take a family vacation more than 50 miles away from home, it’s fair to assume that a large amount of time would be spent road tripping. Although this is an exciting time spent taking in the sites and sounds of the road, it also opens up a fair amount of risk. No parent wants to think about an accident, but what happens if one takes place, even just a small bumper-to-bumper? Discover ways to keep the family safe after a road accident while waiting for help.

Always Have An Emergency Kit Ready

Some prep work is required before packing the kids up and taking a drive, as the emergency kit should form part of the essentials when out on the road. Apart from the regular items such as a thermal blanket, plasters, and bandages, there are a few other items that should make their way into the kit. These include a flashlight, high-protein snacks, bottled water, and even duct tape and candy come in handy in an emergency.

Ensure Documents Are Up To Date And Easy To Reach

The cubby of a car should contain spare diapers, a binky, and perhaps even a small fluffy toy but it also happens to be the ideal location to keep important documents.

In the event of an accident, it’s important to record as much as possible and a notebook comes in handy for this if the cell phone is off or damaged. Recording things while the memory is fresh is vital should you need to reach out to an attorney or take legal action. Vital documents such as a prepared TOD deed, insurance papers, and emergency contact numbers should be within easy reach.

Only Leave The Car If Necessary

There are instances when leaving the car is an absolute necessity, such as a possibility of it catching on fire or when the temperature outside makes it too hot and the air conditioner no longer functions. Gas leaks and other hazards may also necessitate leaving the safety of the car but when there is no known reason to leave the car, remaining inside will allow the driver to contact all the relevant parties without worrying about kids running around or endangered by other drivers. Only if there is another adult in the car, unhurt by the accident, is it safe to step out and check on the other car or cars.

It’s important to first check that everyone in your car is safe before stepping out and engaging with the other parties. Once details have been exchanged, the accident needs to be reported even if it’s considered a minor one, to the authorities within the given timeframe.

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