Parenting Leader Review: the 28-Day No-Yelling Challenge

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28-Day No-Yelling Challenge

Get an extensive review of the Parenting Leader platform, its purpose, objectives, pros and cons, and decide if it is a good fit for your household.

Parenting Leader is a group of family life professionals with over 15 years of experience, whose main aim is to drive a new, revolutionary approach to parenting. The team includes: 

  • The founder, Derek Mitchell, is a child psychologist whose work has helped lots of parents to achieve calmer and more effective parenting.
  • Rachel Williams is a family therapist whose work is focused on strengthening family bonds within each family’s unique dynamics. 
  • Jessica Sullivan is another child psychologist who brings creative ways of applying an empathetic approach to the parenting experience.
  • Amanda Lawson has a background in social work and art therapy. Her work empowers family communication and expression, especially through art.

From research, it has been proven that the style of parenting that many adults are used to, which involves raising your voice, using threats, etc. has proven to be ineffective in raising kids into balanced and well-adjusted adults. This is important because every guardian wants the best for their child, and society is affected by who they grow up to be.

That’s why these parenting experts share amazing ways to ensure kids listen without yelling, threats, bribes, and punishments all in a program called the 28-Day No-Yelling Challenge. The height of it all is that the challenge actually works and parents have been marveled by it.

With its increasing popularity, this article aims to enlighten you on this program, what to expect from it, and also give an honest review on whether it is something you should try out.

The 28-Day No-Yelling Challenge 

Parenting Leader’s 28-Day No-Yelling Challenge has a rating of 4.92 /5 based on thousands of reviews. 

It is valued at 137$, but is on sale for 28$, and here’s what you can expect to get with that investment:

  • 28 daily lessons which include non-yelling tools to help you get better results without the chaos of timeouts, tantrums, and repeating yourself.
  • 28 online modules to help you foster peace and respect in your home.
  • Practical advice with real-life examples that you and any parent come across in your day-to-day lives.
  • Tips and tricks you can apply to make your kids want to help you around the house, get homework done, go to bed on time etc.
  • Lifetime access to the challenge so that you can always return to all the resources whenever you feel like taking your time to go through them.
  • A diary for recording and tracking your progress and restrategizing.
  • 4 free bonuses focused on handling stubborn children, power tussles, rudeness, talking back, and any other difficulty. 

The Pros

  • The Parenting Leader’s challenge is great for guardians who can’t seem to find the time for a parenting book. Its lessons are bite-sized, so you can squeeze them in before breakfast or any five-minute window you have within the day.
  • The lessons, as well as the practical tips, are very inclusive, relatable, and easy to implement. They tackle issues that every household encounters, regardless of the background or age of the child.
  • The challenge doesn’t eliminate discipline but changes your approach to it. That way, you can still teach your child right and wrong, but eliminate the resentment factor that yelling usually introduces.
  • Since the lessons are really easy to implement, you can notice changes almost immediately, depending on the relationship dynamics in your household.
  • The lifetime access to the challenge means that you can always go back to review what you’ve learned, correct mistakes you’ve made, and get deeper insight as you study them more.
  • The parenting diary makes it really easy to track your progress as a family and even with each child.
  • The challenge is very easy to use. All you need to do is install a Progressive Web App (PWA) to save on your home screen from a mobile browser instead of downloading from a store. It doesn’t take up a lot of space on your device and the updates are instant without you needing to download new versions.

The Cons

  • For some households, the changes take time to visibly show, so it requires some extra patience. However, the Parenting Leader gives the option of emailing them with any extra questions or issues you may have.
  • For families where underlying issues such as depression, substance abuse, a difficult divorce, etc. cause resentment that disrupts the child’s growing environment, it may not be as effective compared to families without these issues.

How Has this Challenge Changed My Relationship with My Kids?

After carrying out research by getting parents to use this program, here’s a live review of what some of them had to say about it.

*Please note that names have been changed for privacy purposes.

Margaret says,

“I loved that the lessons were just around 5 minutes, it made it so much easier to learn. 

I am a single mother with 3 boys and it was always a struggle getting them to put away their phones or do chores. I always shouted so much but even then, they only reluctantly obeyed. Our relationship wasn’t in the best place either. But when I started the challenge, it became easier to get them to leave their rooms, pick up after themselves, and do things around the house without having to tell them.  

It’s been a month and the air in the house is so much better, so much warmer and so much more peaceful.”

Adam says,

“My children have never been close to me because I’ve always been seen as the angry parent. I got into arguments with my wife because she thought I was too hard on them. 

I started the challenge because I wanted to finally be involved in their lives, not watching afar like a stranger. It took some time for them to get used to the new me, but it’s been worth every dollar I paid! Now my kids come up to me to talk about their days and I have never been happier.”

Sally says,

“This challenge totally changed how I relate with my daughter. 

She just turned 14 and it seemed like the older she grew the more rebellious she became, and the more I yelled. 

I always felt terrible thinking that I was losing my little girl. But after using the challenge, everything changed. She now trusts me enough to confide in me about what bothers her and we always talk out our issues. I finally feel like a great parent!”


The Parenting Leader 28-Day No-Yelling Challenge is a great investment that can be recommended for any guardian who wants to create a home where you and your kids love, trust, and respect one another.

With enough patience, commitment, and resilience, anyone can build the ideal environment they want in their household by engaging in the challenge. The fulfilling reward is that your children have a swell time while they grow up to become responsible, healthy, and well-balanced adults.

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