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2020 Interior Trends – This is a collaboration

Greys, pinks and farmhouse chic were in vogue throughout 2019, but what sort of interior trends can we expect to see in 2020? I thought I would compile a little list of five interior trends that I have noticed already on the increase or designs that I expect will be taking over our Pinterest feeds this year.

Velvet Beds

Velvet is sure to be hitting our Instagram feeds hard this year, with it being the material of choice for many interior designers and interior lovers, especially the likes of crushed velvet beds, and sink-into velvet sofas. This interior trend is here to stay and, according to Living Etc, the search for velvet furniture has increased by a huge 400% over the last six months.

Sustainable Materials

With more research and education on sustainability than ever before, people are starting to be a little more eco-conscious in their home and are living eco-friendly lifestyles. For example, sustainably harvested materials like rattan are sure to make an appearance in many homes, as well as the use of large mirrors as light sources rather than lamps.

2020 interior trends


Mix-and-match patterns are becoming extremely popular on my Instagram feed at the moment, and I can see this due to take the interior world by storm over the next 12 months. The key to the trend is that there aren’t any rules; I’ve seen some people with blue pillows with circles matched with cushions that have bright pink butterflies – anything goes!


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Sofa Beds

Most people are choosing to live alone rather than with their friends or partner, and with a one-person wage, apartments and houses tend to be smaller. Sofa beds have seen an increase in the past few months for this reason; they can be used for both sofa by day and bed by night. 

Classic Blue

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2020 is a comforting and relaxing shade: Classic Blue. Naturally, we should expect to see more people add a dash of this colour into their rooms.  This could be as bold as going all out and painting the walls blue or just adding a few Classic Blue accessories.