20 Ways to Spread Kindness in December

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With a world that seems to be quickly turning into negative, it’s no wonder many people are struggling to remain positive. There are people arguing in person, on social media, at work and everywhere you turn.

It seems arguing has become the new popular trend on social media and everyone’s life. With this increase in arguing about everything comes the need to share some ways you can spread kindness.

December brings about the holiday season which can add stress to many too, so here are 20 ways to spread kindness in December so that you can do your tiny part spread joy this month.

For more great ideas check out this list of Songs About Kindness For Kids.

Kindness At Christmas 

Give a stranger a compliment.

Create artwork with your kids to give to a senior citizen’s home as gifts.

Leave change in the vending machine for the next person.

Hold the door for the person behind you.

Let someone go ahead of you in line at the shop.

Donate toys to charity

Volunteer to babysit for a single parent.

Buy someone a hot chocolate.

Spend time volunteering at a local church, school or shelter.

Donate old blankets and sheets to a pet shelter.

Make your own holiday cards to mail to family and friends

Give someone a ride to an appointment.

spread kindness at christmas

Set up a fundraising campaign for your community e.g. start a church fundraiser.

Bring food items for the local food bank.

Clean out unused items and donate them to needy families.

Leave a bigger tip than normal when eating out.

Leave a positive message on a friend’s Facebook wall.

Pay for someone’s gas at the petrol station.

Help deliver holiday meals to families in need.

Spend extra time with your family without electronics on.

Invite friends over for a social hour to relieve their stress.

be kind

No matter how stressful life is for you, no matter how negative you feel life has become, each of us has the power to love.

Spreading kindness to others is one small step to ensure that you are doing something good for this world that’s become somewhat negative.

With each act of kindness, you are planting a seed of positivity in others and that is the best gift you can give to yourself and others this holiday season.

While you’re here check out these random acts of kindness for kids. You might also want to make a random acts of kindness jar so the kids can pick out different ideas, that could be fun.

Be Kind All Year Round

Kindness is important not only at Christmas but all year round. Check out this list of 101 Acts of kindness for Kids. You’ll love this list!

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  1. These are great ideas. I recently went and bought some inexpensive crochet hooks, yarn, playing cards and coloring books with crayons to the nursing home and let the kids help pass the stuff out. They had so much fun and the elderly folks were SO grateful. They said the best part was playing with the kids. We are going to try to do this at least once a month, You wouldn’t believe how many don’t have family that visits regularly!

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