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If you have a little one that is crazy obsessed with dinosaurs the way my brother was as a child, you’re going to love today’s review and list of dinosaur books for kids!

I remember my little brother Christopher stomping around the home roaring, watching Dinosaur movies and playing with his Dinosaur figures when we were little. Chris collected a magazine series which was pretty popular back in the 1990’s. He got a piece of bone each week and had to build his own Dinosaur Skeleton. Each week we excitedly waited for the next episode to come out and see what my brother would get.

I remember learning the different names of Dinosaurs as a school kid and have always found the subject really fascinating. In fact I think I have passed this interest on to my daughter and she really loved visiting the huge Dinosaur Skeleton at the Museum of Natural History last year.

Today I am sharing with you a special review of the book Terrific Dinosaurs along with a fantastic list of Dinosaur themed books that your  little ones may just love.

Terrific Timelines Dinosaurs by Richard Ferguson and Aude Van Ryn

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Terrific Timelines: Dinosaurs is a fantastic new book just released by Laurence King. The book is a fantastic press-out display and fact file book which features 20 dinosaurs and the different periods that they lived in.

When I received the book I was really excited. It is my nephews birthday soon and I knew that this would be the perfect gift to give him.

The book has great detail on the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. There is one page dedicated to each Dinosaur and there are lot’s of interesting facts about each Dinosaur. My favourite Dinosaur is the Stegasaurus so naturally I went straight to this page to learn more about my favourite Dinosaur.

I had no idea how Scientist discovered what a Stegasaurus looked liked but now I know and I found it really interesting. The book has some familiar Dinosaurs but also has Dinosaurs which I had never heard of before and I think it’s really very educational as well as fun to read and look at.

I love that Terrific Timelines: Dinosaurs has a glossary. I found that interesting to read. The best part however has to be the interactive section of the book. There are pop out templates which can be pressed out. These are then placed onto the correct Dinosaur timelines which can be found at the back of the book and are ready to be built into a popup scene.

This book is informative but also fun. It has lots of great facets and there is so much to learn. I would totally recommend this for any child or adult who has an interest in Dinosaurs.

*This book was sent for the purpose of review*

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And now for 20 Fantastic and Fun Dinosaur Books.



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