20 Dr Who Tardis DIY Activities

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Today I have 20 Dr Who Tardis DIY Activities for those enthusiastic Dr Who fans.

  1. Treats n Trinkets – DIY Tardis Dress
  2. Doodle Craft – Doctor Who Tardis in a Bottle Necklace
  3. Our Nerd Home – DIY Tardis Cork Board
  4. Bakingdom – Tardis Phone Case Tutorial
  5. As the Bunny Hops – Duct Tape Tardis Tech Case
  6. Mad in Crafts – Tardis Closet
  7. Grillo Designs – Turn a Cabinet into a Tardis
  8. Create in the Chaos – DIY Tardis Canvas Painting
  9. Gaming in Your Underwear – DIY Riversong Tardis Journal
  10. Doodle Craft – Tardis Rubber Stamp
  11. A Bit of Geek – Tardis Desk Lamp
  12. Etheral Inspirations – Tardis Halloween Costume Dress
  13. Instructables – DY LED Light Up Tardis Fascinator Hat
  14. Kylee Lane – Tardis Bookshelves
  15. Kyoti Jess – Perler Bead Tardis
  16. Ravelry – Knit Tardis Scarf
  17. Ashlee Marie – Tardis Cake Tutorial
  18. Doodle Craft – Tardis Tote Bag
  19. Glitter Mint – String Art Tardis
  20. The Nerdy Girlie – Tardis Tee

20 Dr Who Tardis DIY Activities

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