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2 in 1 Earth and Constellations World Globe Review

This week Sylvia was sent a fantastic World Globe for us to review. As you may know we are huge fans of travel and learning about the world and so the globe is the perfect tool to assist my daughter in further exploring and learning about the world.

world globe

I was really excited to be getting this globe as I’m a bit of a geography nut and when Sylvia discovered her new parcel she too was really pleased.

world globe

What I really love about this Globe is that is has two functions. First of all there is the normal globe with the countries and map information, but there is also a special feature which is exciting. If you place batteries into the globe, the globe can light up at night displaying the constellations of the world and I think that is amazing.



The globe allows you to study both the world and geography as well as astronomy and I think thats fantastic. You do have the option to buy an electronic lead for the globe but or you can use batteries which I think it great as I wouldn’t exactly want to plug it in and have it forced to stay in one position.

world globe

I think being able to pick up the globe and look and interact is a fantastic idea. We have recently been learning french words so Sylvia was excited to find France on her new globe. My family are from New Zealand and Sylvia is part Tongan so we have had a good look at the Pacific Ocean and the Islands and my parents are in Barcelona so we were able to search for Spain and work out where grandma and grandpa are staying.


I really do think this is a fantastic globe and am really pleased. It is great quality and can be purchased for £39.95 from RED5.  The globe is certainly a fantastic educational learning tool.

Disclosure: We were sent the Globe in return for an honest and truthful review