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This is a Collaboration. Well, at the start of the year I wrote a blog post called 20 Items I’d love to review on The Inspiration Edit. This was my first list type post of this kind and in a way, a goal setting post. Blogging is a great way to share and help others but it also can help the family, especially when your able to review items which add value to the family.

So we have reviewed many items from January to March and I managed to cross 5 items of my list of 20. I completed numbers 6, 7, 10, 14 and 15. We reviewed dolls last week. Sylvia was sent the most gorgeous Beauty And The Beast Belle Dolls and I wrote up a post on this last week.

beauty and the beast dolls


The other items we reviewed were Dog clothes, A Leapfrog toy, Bedding and clothing for Sylvia. So, there are now 15 things still on my list however after looking at it, my list has changed. There are some items I would still love and then some items I am no longer too fussed about. I guess the items I’d like to review the most are home based items, products which would enhance and improve the home.

So here is my updated and revised list in order of priority and I do hope to review these items in the coming months. The thing I’d love most are some blinds for the kitchen. Since moving house we have not had a covering at our Kitchen window and this needs dealing with as our neighbours can see right in and sometimes I wish we had a bit more privacy. I’m sure my neighbour don’t sit and watch as I was dishes or cook but they can see in. I prefer vertical blinds to horizontal ones. We had horizontal blinds in my parents home in New Zealand and they were not that great. Vertical Blinds for me are much better and so I’ve been looking at Direct Blinds for some ideas.

So here is my updated list:

15 Things I’d like to review on The Inspiration Edit


One – Kitchen Blinds –  To get more privacy and keep the kitchen a little warmer too.

Two- Kitchen Flooring – To replace the mangy floor in ours. 

Three- A Washing Machine – We are making do with the one we have but it does not work properly and we have to re-spin it every time we do laundry which is a pain in the bum.

Four- A Garden Shed – This would be so super useful.

Five- Children’s School Shoes – We are fans of Clarks Shoes and this is one brand of a few I’ve love to collaborate with. 

Six – School Uniforms – Sylvia is simply growing faster than anything and we are in need of new everything

Seven- Kitchen/ Dining Table – This would be awesome

Eight- A Sofa –  The dream collaboration

Nine – An Electric Toothbursh – This is still on the list. It’s something i’ve read a lot about but never tried to date.

Ten- A Family Holiday – Now Isn’t that the dream!

Eleven – Girls Summer Dresses – For Sylvia who has had another growth spurt.

Twelve- A Fancy Iron– Who doesn’t want an Iron.

Thirteen- A Cooker – One where the electrics work and you don’t have to light it with a gas lighter every time.

Fourteen – Sandals – I’d love to review some sandals in the summer for myself

Fifiteen – A wardrobe – I would like a wardrobe big enough to fit in all Sylvia’s fantastic clothes


So this is my new list and I have set a goal to cross 5 things off this list by the end of 2017.

Angela x

*This is a Collaborative Post