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Just returning from a wonderful trip to Disneyland, I had a fantastic opportunity to meet several people whilst on holiday who had beautifully designed Disney nail art. I was so impressed at how intricate the details were, yet, it seemed so easy to do.

Here’s the nail biter — mesmerized by their unique designs and colors, I actually forgot to take pictures! But, it did give me a great idea, friends! And, you will surely benefit from this light bulb moment.

Disney Inspired Nail Ideas Tutorial

I wanted to share with you an adorable list of these awesome Disney themed Nail Art Ideas here on The Inspiration Edit. I’m hopeful this will be a fun post for you — it will hand you {pun intented} fantastic ideas for your upcoming trip to Disneyland.

Let’s begin with this incredible Disney inspired nail art tutorial — it’s pretty awesome! 

But, if you are not planning a Disney trip any time soon, don’t despair! The magical world of Disney can be right at your fingertips {pun intended again} in just a few moments.

With these YouTube Disney art tutorials curated below, you’ll find everything you need to get started. If you’re a Disney fanatic like me, you may just love doing this at home for going out and about.

List of 15 Inspiring Ideas for Disney Themed Art Nails

This comprehensive list covers Moana, Monsters, Muppets, and more! You’ll also find the classics like Alice in Wonderland, Disney Princess, and adorable Winnie the Pooh. 

Here’s a great time to get together with your girls and have a Disney themed nail party! Come up with a date, grab some supplies, and get started! You may want to even throw a movie in for inspiration {don’t forget the popcorn}.

Or, how about a Disney themed birthday party with Disney nail stickers? The girls would love and admire their new pretty nails and carry a lifetime memory of hands-on fun!  There are so many creative ideas you can incorporate these Disney themed nail activities. 


1. Disney Moana Inspired Nail Art
2. Once Upon A Time Disney Princess Nail Art
3. Disney’s Muppets Wanted Themed Nail Art
4. Red Dod Designs Mouse Collection
5. Disney Princess Inspired Nails
6. Disney Monsters Nail Art
7. Disney Big Hero 6 Nail Tutorial

DISNEY nail art ideas for girls that are gorgeous and fun to create.
8. Disney Mickey Mouse Nails
9. Monsters University Nail Art
10. Disney Minnie Mouse Inspired Nail Art
11. Alice In Wonderland Nail Art
12. Walt Disney Inspired Mickey Friends Nails

13. Winnie The Pooh Nails
14. Disney Cars Nail Ideas
15. The Disney Gang Nail Ideas

And, before I go, you can watch more fun Disney themed nail art tutorials on Youtube… my favourite channel is Cute Polish! Check it out! 

What Disney inspired nail ideas did you like the best? Would love to hear feedback from you!

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Get inspired with these Disney Themed nail painting ideas!