12 of the Hottest Statement Pieces to Add to Your Jewelry Collection

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Get ready to show off your signature style with these bold statement pieces. Don’t solely rely on fashion, choose striking jewelry to show off your personality and individuality. 

Each season possesses its own fashion crazes that come and go. But some jewelry pieces never seem to go out of style. This year’s fashion trend is all about making major statements and jewelry is no exception. From retro styles to floral embellishments to personalized necklaces, eye-catching pieces are making the boldest impact. 

Adding statement jewelry pieces is an easy way to ensure your style is on fleek. We’ve scoured the current trends to find the hottest statement pieces to add to your collection – or gift – now! Here are the 12 hottest trends in jewelry this season. 

1.     Rhinestone Chokers

It’s the ultimate statement piece. Y2k fashion is definitely in right now so it’s no surprise chokers are finding their way back into our jewelry boxes again. Plus it’s versatile enough to be worn with any outfit and on any occasion. Choose a bedazzled choker to make a major style statement. 

2. Cuff ‘Em

jewlery cuff

Bring back Grecian vibes with arm and wrist cuffs. Cuffs have been seen all over the runway, so we predict they will be very hot this year. In terms of bracelets, choose bold, larger pieces to raise your style game. Remember bigger and bolder is always better when it comes to trendy jewelry.

3. Chunky Metallic Watch

Keep time by adding a classic metallic wrist watch to your collection. High end designers like Bulgari are expected to release new watch lines this year so we predict silver and gold watches will be making big style statements. These timekeepers are sure to be a sleeper hit. 

4. Thick Gold Chains

If chunky gold chains bring a wave of nostalgia, you’re not alone. Remember when Tiffany & Co ignited the craze for thick chains? The trend is back and bigger than ever–literally. Choose thicker chains when shopping for your jewelry collection because the chunkier, the more impact they will have on your style. 

5. Signet Rings

This year the signet ring is king. We personally love this trend because it’s a design that complements all genders. Jewelry is all about showing off your individual style and personality and this ring hits all the marks. Personalize your signet ring with initials, birthstones or anything in between to make your statement. 

6. Bring Back the Beads

If the runways tell us anything, Y2K inspired jewelry will be heavily sought-after this year. We think beaded jewelry featuring hints of color to be a significant trend for statement pieces. Mix your beads with metals and pearls, also featured on this list, to make the largest impact with your unique style. 

7. Drop Earrings

Earrings that invoke vintage designs have been making an appearance at many recent red carpet events. Celebrities such as Jessica Chastain and Mila Kunis were photographed wearing stunning drop earrings at the Oscars. Needless to say, this timeless style is here to stay. Make an impact by including drop earrings in your collection. 

8. Oversized Stud Earrings

It’s all down to the studs, earrings that is. Not only do drop earrings make a major statement, so do oversized studs. From rhinestones to flowers or pearls, the bigger is better motif reigns supreme when it comes to jewelry pieces. Studs will never be dated so the bigger the stud, the bigger the impact.

9. A Pearl of Wisdom

Girls love their pearls. Another timeless style, jewelry pieces featuring pearls have been seen on the runway and the red carpet. A gorgeous alternative to the oversized bead look, large pearl accessories give off seriously bold vibes. A perfect example of using jewelry to make a strong statement.   

10. Fringe Flair

Living on the fringe has a whole new meaning. Inspired by the new fashion trend, fringe jewelry is also heating up in popularity. Add some flair to your fashion by choosing earrings or necklaces that evoke the vintage fringe aesthetic. 

11. Nature-Inspired Pieces

Nature-inspired rings, necklaces, and bracelets are undergoing a massive revival. In a nod to ‘70s style, this trend embraces the retro look when it comes to jewelry. Designers from Roberto Cavalli to Miu Miu use floral jewelry in full force, so incorporate a floral piece to your collection to make a big impact.

12. Silver Pieces

Gold is always in, but silver is becoming the desired metal for day-to-day wear. Those looking for a more edgy style should opt for silver pieces to add to their jewelry collection. You can also mix your metals, rocking both gold and silver, to elevate your style and make a lasting impression.

Making statements isn’t just limited to fashion choices. Bold impacts can be made simply by the accessories. 

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