10 Ways to Style an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom

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Home decor has become quite the trend, thanks to a plethora of inspo on Instagram. By showcasing their homes online, creators give their audience new ideas for styling and decor. With the added benefit of being able to tag products, Insta users can quickly and easily hop on a trend and buy the product right away.

Whilst decorating is a fun and often therapeutic task, it can be quite stressful figuring out what options to go for. It’s also tricky to navigate your personal style when you’re being bombarded with different bedroom aesthetics on your Instagram feed. 

This styling guide will help you create an Instagram-worthy bedroom that you can be proud of. 

Instagram-Worthy Bedroom

Make it monochrome 

Sometimes, less is more. If you’re struggling to choose a theme for your bedroom, monochrome is the way to go. Sticking to a uniform colour scheme and adding bedside tables are a great way to style your bedroom, as it gives the illusion of effort, when really, it’s quite simple. 

To achieve your monochrome dreams, start with your bed and work your way to other parts of your room. Update your bed linen with some moody dark colours – perfect for this theme. Finalising your bed will give you a base to work with, and soon your entire room will come together in monochrome.

Elevate your bed by adding throws and blankets, or decorative pillows in a range of shapes and sizes. It’s super easy to chuck a few pillows and blankets onto your bed every day, and it can boost your bedroom decor in minutes. Experiment with different textures, shapes and patterns to create a show-stopping bed that captures the eye. If you’re wanting to jazz up your kid’s room, incorporate fun, decorative toys or bright pillows in different shapes. 

Play With Texture and Colour

Channel your inner interior designer and find some textured pieces to throw in the mix. Whether it be a fluffy pillow, a crochet rug or a velvet chair, get creative with your decorations. By playing with complementary textures, you’ll draw more focus to certain points in your bedroom. Plus, texture is a great way to make it look like you’ve put a lot of thought and effort into your decorating, when all it takes is a few unique items. 

Invest in a Statement Bed Head

Your bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom, and what better way to emphasise it than with a statement frame or bedhead. Make an impact with a statement headboard – think velvets or a bright material, or even a bedhead with plenty of shelves to showcase some of your favourite decorative items. When it comes to your frame itself, consider dark woods for a luxurious feel. 

Bedframes instantly make your room appear more put together, and are great for people who don’t know where to start when it comes to decorating. 

Spice up Your Bedside Table

Instagram-worthy bedrooms are incomplete without a well-decorated bedside table. To start, make sure you have a bedside table that suits the aesthetic of your bedroom. Try experimenting with a wooden bedside table if your style is more earthy, or an elegant white bedside table if your room is minimalist-chic. 

If you’re already content with your bedside table, spruce it up with some decorations. Add character with candles, cute dishes, or even patterned coasters. This will make your room look more put together.  

Incorporate mirrors 

Add mirrors to your bedroom to make it look bigger and brighter. Mirrors are a practical and simple way to add dimension to your bedroom. Why not try a floor-length mirror to really transform the appearance of your room? Or, add a touch of glamour to a blank wall with a beautiful framed mirror. 

Organisation Is Key

Nothing beats coming home to a tidy room – and not the kind of tidy where all your mess is hidden under your bed. 

Add some stylish storage solutions to your bedroom, as this will decorate your room and also keep it clean. Instagram-worthy bedrooms are always organised, so having an efficient storage system is important. 

Add a Touch of Nature

Nothing says Instagram-worthy more than some greenery. 

Plants are an easy way to bring life into your bedroom. Play with flowers, hanging plants or cacti. If plants are too high maintenance for you, fake plants will still add a natural touch to your room, and you never need to look after them.

Experiment With Artwork

Fill your room with cool and creative artwork. Experiment with paintings, tapestries or neon signs. If you consider yourself quite the artist, you can hang up some of your own work, or even something curated by your kids. If you want something a little more personal, try displaying some framed photos. Not only is it a great way to style walls, but you can also share some of your favourite memories. 

Incorporate Your Personality

The best way to create something Instagram-worthy is to make it unique and personal. Don’t shy away from adding photos and memories to your room. Create a polaroid wall for your kids, or a pinboard of memories. Whether you display your favourite book or your treasured childhood stuffed animal, inject your personality into your room.

Room decoration is a fun activity and a great way to channel your creative energy. No matter what style you prefer, you can follow this guide to curate an Insta-worthy bedroom. 

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