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10 Tips for Bringing Home a New Puppy

Getting a new puppy or new pet can be an exciting time for any family. Many families don’t expect to feel stressed when a new puppy moves in, but potty training, chewing, and other puppy habits can wear on even the most patient of individuals.

These 10 tips for bringing home a new puppy will have you prepared for your exciting new arrival.

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Choosing A New Puppy

Select a breed. Start by discussing which breed is right for your family. If you plan to adopt a puppy from a local rescue or humane society you will likely come home with a puppy that is a mix of more than one breed.

Many dog breeds have specific traits that families should research beforehand. Large energetic breeds will need space to run, play, and get energy out during the day. Smaller breeds are happy to chase a ball and play in a smaller area.

Consider the breed’s energy level, size, coat length, and temperament before selecting a puppy.

Research the cost of owning a dog. Puppies don’t have to be expensive unless you’re looking for a particular breed.

Do calculate the price of vet visits, spay or neuter costs, food, grooming, and supplies.

Set ground rules before your new pet arrives home. Where will the new pet sleep? Who will take the puppy on walks, feed the puppy, and clean up after the new pet?

Many families don’t realise how much work goes into caring for a busy puppy so having these rules set up before he comes home creates a smoother transition.

Toilet Training A New Puppy

Prepare for potty training. Potty training a puppy isn’t always the easiest task for new pet owners.

Read up on the different methods and choose one that works for your family’s schedule.

Popular methods include scheduled potty breaks, puppy pad training, and crate training. It may take several weeks for a puppy to get the hang of doing her business outdoors. Be patient!

Find a veterinarian. Having a vet on call is an important part of owning a pet. Call local vets to get an idea of their rates and specialties before you need to bring puppy to the vet.

Explore training options for puppies. While a young excited puppy is cute, an older dog who doesn’t listen to his owner is not so cute. Training should start as soon as possible in the form of potty training and boundaries.

Consider Obedience Classes

Training can be done by signing up for obedience classes, having a trainer come into your home, or you can train your pet on your own.

View your home in the eyes of a puppy. Young dogs love to chew and they aren’t going to know the difference between your favourite shoes or a stuffed dog toy. Anything at eye level is game for chewing, especially when no one is around to play.

Puppies may chew on shoes, chairs, table legs, kids toys, or items in low trash cans. Make sure everything is picked up and out of the puppy’s reach, and that she has a few toys of her own to keep her busy.

Prepare other pets for their new friend. Older dogs and cats aren’t usually thrilled to find that you’ve brought home a bundle of energy. Introduce them slowly and be sure to give your older pet lots of praise for their patience.

Keeping your older dog on a leash during introductions will make it easier to pull him or her away if a spat over territory arises. Pet introductions often go smoothly with curious tail wagging and sniffing.

For pets who aren’t sure of the new arrival, give them some time alone to rest between playtimes.

Shopping For Puppy Supplies

Shop for puppy supplies. If your pup will be sleeping in a crate while you’re out of the house plan for a crate, a crate pad, and water bowl for inside the crate.

Depending on where your new pup will be sleeping at night, purchase an inexpensive blanket to put over your bedding for the puppy to cuddle on, or a cozy bed to place on the floor.

Purchase food, bowls, a collar, name tag, leash and toys too

Bring your puppy home. Everything should be set up for your new pet before he comes home with you.

Once you’re home start with a short walk to prevent potential potty accidents as he explores his new home.

Let the puppy explore in a quiet environment.Excitement and loud noises can be really stressful for young puppies, especially in new surroundings. Enjoy your time with the newest member of your family!

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