10 Thoughtful Gifts to Give Your Child’s Teacher

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Teachers make a difference in dozens of lives every day. Because they show up to work and watch over your child consistently, they’re one of the greatest role models your child should have. If your child loves their teacher, you should express your gratitude to them with a gift. Even if you don’t know them as well as you’d like to, you can pick from a few gifts that will delight any teacher.

1. T-Shirt

If you know the teacher’s size, a t-shirt can make a fantastic gift. Some schools have Casual Fridays written into the dress code for teachers, so just imagine how delighted your child will be when seeing their teacher wear the shirt they got them. Most online retailers sell shirts with witty taglines for teachers, both general and subject-specific. Pick one that pertains to your child’s favorite teacher and send it with them to school.

Alternatively, if you have a device that allows you to cut out sayings and images and adhere them to fabric, you can make the t-shirt yourself. Choose a design that will mean something to your child’s teacher. You might even choose to include their name for an extra step of personalization. You may also include a tumbler or tote bag with the same design to go with this gift. Your kid’s teacher will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

2. Succulent Plants

Simply adding some green into a teacher’s life can reduce their stress significantly. Since green is the color that induces calm and can help melt away worries, it’s a surprise that not every classroom is painted green! Still, you can insert some green into your child’s teacher’s world by offering them a succulent plant. Succulents don’t require much care or upkeep, so it’s the perfect buddy to keep them company at their desk as they work on other things.

3. Space Heater

Classrooms can get cold easily, especially during the winter. Many teachers have to deal with the cold, dry conditions by wearing extra layers — unless they’re allowed to bring a blanket, which isn’t even a foolproof plan, considering they have to get up and walk around the classroom to guide their students. 

A space heater that they can plug in at their desk could be revolutionary for how they spend the cooler months. It’ll at least keep them warm when they’re stationary at their desk.

4. Meaningful Book

Many teachers love to read in their free time.

Many teachers love to read in their free time. They have diverse interests, and you can’t go wrong with good historical fiction books, for example. If you own a book that changed your life, why not pass it on to your child’s teacher?

If you own a book that changed your life, why not pass it on to your child’s teacher? Used books contain a lot of history, particularly if they are older, but you have to watch out for any detrimental conditions they may have been in that caused them to deteriorate. If the book seems damaged at all, order your child’s teacher a new copy.

5. Something Handmade

Handmade objects typically contain the most sentimentality, especially when children make them. Though the result may come out uncoordinated, your child is sure to put their whole heart into something they make for their teacher. It’s a win-win because your child gets to build their self-esteem while expressing themselves creatively. Your child’s teacher will love whatever your child makes for them. If you want to add more to their gift, consider getting them a gift card to a store they’re sure to love.

6. Coffee Mug Warmer

The day doesn’t always go as you expected when you’re a teacher. Sometimes you need several cups of coffee to get through the day — but no one wants to drink it after it’s gone cold. A USB mug warmer can ensure that their cup of coffee stays warm as long as they’re drinking it. That way, they can get up to assist students and return to a hot mug of coffee. Any teacher would appreciate this thoughtful gift as a means of appreciation.

7. Baked Goods

Before choosing this option, make sure you know if your child’s teacher has any allergies or dietary preferences or restrictions. Homemade treats can go a long way in making a teacher feel appreciated. Knowing that their food was made with love by one of their students’ parents can thrill a teacher and make them feel like they’re making a difference. You might choose a basic favorite like chocolate chip cookies, but if you know what your child’s teacher likes, 

8. Desk Organizer

Teachers have to own an abundance of pencils and pens to hand out to students in need. They may also need a calculator, highlighter and other various tools. A desk organizer is a perfect way to have them keep their papers, folders and utensils in order so they can teach more effectively. Help them keep everything together and stress less by having a desk organizer take care of their miscellaneous objects.

9. Bath Bomb

Teachers are under so much stress every day. It only makes sense that you would want to give them a gift that can help them relax. Baths are good for people in more ways than just stress relief. Your child’s teacher might find benefits in improved skin or reduced chronic pain, so a bath bomb could give them the excuse they need to slow down and enjoy the benefits of bathtime. Any overworked teacher would count it as a blessing.

10. Lap Desk

A teacher’s work doesn’t stop when they get home. Teaching hours are constant, as they have grading and lesson planning to do when they get home. Getting your child’s teacher a comfortable lap desk so they can relax and do work in the evenings and on weekends might make their tasks more enjoyable. Show your child’s teacher you care about them by giving them the gift of comfort and allowing them to work from anywhere in the home.

Find the Perfect Gift for the Perfect Teacher

Though you may not know much about your child’s teacher, your kid is bound to let you know some of their favorites. They’ll know what their teacher could desperately need or use. Regardless, you may think of including a card in your gift to your child’s teacher. Let them know how grateful you are to them for taking such great care of your kid. 

Your favorite teacher will brighten up and feel so happy and acknowledged. With all the work teachers have to do these days, they’re often underappreciated. Tell them how much they matter with a simple gift and humble card.

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