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Most people never craft because they think they are “just not talented” or “artsy” enough. But that’s a common misconception. Often, the most ingenious DIY projects are simply born out of necessity and a little bit of free time. In this article, you’re going to see ten DIY projects that anyone can do.

There’s a reason why DIY has become a trend in social media. People are finding clever ways to resolve their most common daily fracas. And that’s just what DIY projects offer: simple, doable solutions. Add that to the fact that most of these projects are designed to be cost-effective and practical at the same time.

You don’t need expert hands and a decade of experience to create beautiful, functional crafts. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of following the steps and buying good-quality craft supplies. Try some of them out on your own, starting with these cool crafting projects.

Recycled T-Shirt Rug

Do you have old clothing you don’t know how to get rid of? Got some more items you sold in your yard sale? Why not recycle? There are just so many things you can do with your old T-shirts that it’s impossible to choose the best DIY projects to follow.

Among these is the DIY T-shirt rug project. It makes a great piece to a rustic living room ensemble. This post from The Wonder Forest gives you a step-by-step guide on how to make a braided T-shirt rug. Guide Patterns also showcases a wealth of tutorials in T-shirt upcyling and recycling projects.

Seashell Mirror

A beachy home theme for the summer is perfect to tone down the heat, perhaps with a good glass of cold lemonade. For this project, you’ll need some shells to doll up your mirror frame.

For those who can’t get to any beach anytime soon, there are places online that sell shells for $5. Estimate how much you’re going to need depending on the size of your mirror and the design of the frame you’re going for. Here’s a detailed tutorial of this project from Ann’s Entitled Life.

Thumbtack Buttons

Inspired by Charm has come up with a very clever and really cute idea to repurpose your button surplus. Instead of just throwing out buttons, turn them into adorable thumb tacks for your home-office bulletin board.

You only need the buttons (much better if you have them in multiple colours), a reliable glue material for adhesive, and the thumbtacks. Simply glue the tacks to the buttons, and voilà, perhaps the easiest DIY on the planet. To avoid any accidents or injuries, place the thumbtacks in a cup holder with a lid.

Shoebox Craft Supplies

You really don’t need to purchase storage for your craft supplies and tools. In fact, you’d probably never see a serious crafter with a store-bought colour-pencil holder. Various storage hacks and DIY projects on how to make creative organisers for craft supplies have been documented. You can recycle food jars, upcycle tin cans, or fit rolls of tissue cores in a shoebox to organise your pencils and markers.

Washi Tapes on Clocks and Envelopes

Completely redo the look of those plain clocks you’re used to ignoring at your local home depot. Add a bit of character to make these otherwise-uninteresting items shine in a room. You only need a good supply of nicely patterned washi tapes to tape to your existing or store-bought clocks.

This project is incredibly easy to make. If you still have some extra washi tapes after you’re done with your clocks, you can create a bills organiser by using plain-coloured envelopes and trimming their edges with washi tape.

DIY Leather-Bound Journal

Leather is one of those materials that can instantly turn anything interesting. It gives a classic vintage look to projects, and the fact it doesn’t require any kind of complex know-how makes this project an instant favourite among busy DIYers.

A popular project is the leather-bound journal, which you can use for yourself or give out as a gift. Here’s a quick, easy-to-follow guide.

Ombré Vase

Some spray paint, rubbing alcohol, a clear glass bottle, and warm water are all you need to create this magical and dreamy ombré flower vase. This is for those who like to keep their empty milk bottles, hoping that, someday, they’d finally get around to having something else to do with it.

Peel off the labels and the adhesive, then soak the bottle in warm water for about 20 minutes. Touch up the blemishes with rubbing alcohol. Turn the bottle upside down, and with the spray paint of your choice, start spraying in a circular motion. The paint will naturally speck up the sides of the glass bottle. Here’s how it looks with pictures.

Painted Geo Wood Containers

Although plain-surfaced containers are fun to work with as well, geo containers have so much style and flair. Pick a good palette, and paint away. These adorable, splashy vases and holders make fantastic components to a chic living room setup.

Thread Up Your Cords

Spice up your plain cables and cords by beading them up. Choose simple, unobtrusive designs that step up the attractiveness level of your boring electric cable. Not only does it serve an aesthetic purpose; it also prevents your cords from tumbling and tangling.

Customize Pillows with Iron-On Vinyl

The Shabby Creek Cottage always has something cooking for the passionate DIYer. In this project, a plain white pillow turns into a snazzy sitting room decal, and you can do it all by yourself.

With a purpose in mind, everyday things turn into extraordinary tools of creativity. Feel free to experiment with materials and explore your own ingenuity. Get started today with your own DIY crafting project.

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