About Me

About Me

Hi, My name is Angela Milnes, I live in Lancashire with my husband John, our daughter Sylvia and our adorable Bichon Frise Dogs Yoda and Casper.

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I was born in the UK but grew up in New Zealand. In 2005 I graduated University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Education. I then went on to complete my Teacher Training in Early Years Education.

Whilst living and working in New Zealand I had my beautiful daughter Sylvia and then made the move as a single mother back to the UK. In 2013, I married my sweetheart John. He is a wonderful step father and a great support to me.

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Not long after our wedding in 2013, I was diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency and then Growth Hormone Deficiency. I spent 3 years severely unwell and in 2016 I was able to get the treatment I needed to better manage my condition. It’s been a long Journey and I’ve worked hard to both improve my health and lose 6 stone in weight. 

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I love to write and The Inspiration Edit is my way of documenting positive and honest family experiences and sharing fantastic ideas. I aim to write content on the blog that can uplift, inspire and inform you as the reader. I’m

I aim to write content on the blog that can uplift, inspire and inform you as the reader. I’m especially passionate about having fun as a Family, I love kids fashion, we enjoy reviewing toys, sharing fantastic food ideas and creating ideas to create a beautiful home.

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